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Read about the concept behind the MagyarOK series and look at our sample pages.

Introduction to the B2+ book

The fourth volume of MagyarOK covers slightly more than the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Similar to the books for lower levels, this volume follows the principles of Model-based language learning, a methodology created by the authors. Natural-sounding, native-like language use stands in the foreground taught with a strong but well-structured progression.

You will need between 180-220 hours to complete this level.

  • The textbook has 12 chapters, each of them containing several, thematically related units.
  • The use of various registers (varieties of the language for particular purposes) and text types are placed into the foreground.
  • Most texts are based on authentic sources (newspaper articles, bogs, radio programs, recorded conversations etc.).
  • The exercise book offers a detailed review of all important grammar aspects covered in the previous volumes and presents a few additional structures.

The study materials will allow you to expand your knowledge about grammar and vocabulary so that you will sound more and more like a native speaker, both in speaking and writing.

  • The audio files can be downloadabed here.
  • The answer key to the exercises in the textbook can be downloaded here and to the exercise book here.

The books will also help you prepare for the B2 language examination.

Sample pages: