A1 kompakt 
You will find below the concept of MagyarOK A1 kompakt and many sample pages.

Introduction to the A1 kompakt book

MagyarOK A1 kompakt covers the A1 level in approx. 80-110 hours (incl. self-study).

  • The textbook forms the core of the program. It presents various everyday-life topics in eight chapters. The chapters provide key vocabulary, activities, and introduce grammar features. Each chapter includes pronunciation exercises and a list of useful sentences.

    If you wish to acquire a solid basis of Hungarian for your further language studies, we highly recommend you to use MagyarOK A1+. It offers you far more opportunities to practise and to consolidate your knowledge.

  • Check out Chapter 4 of the textbook.
  • The exercise book complements the textbook by presenting more detailed grammar explanations and exercises. Check out Chapter 4 of the exercise book.
  • The audio files are downloadable here.
  • The answer key to all exercises in both, text book and exercise book can be downloaded here.
  • A grammar booklet and glossaries to the book are available here.

Sample pages: