A1+ Study materials
On this page you can download additional materials to MagyarOK A1+. They will help you work with the book on your own.

Most materials are available in English and in German for easy reference.


These documents contain the translation of all the instructions in the MagyarOK A1+ text book and exercise book. The translation will help you recognise the structure and logic of the book, catch up more easily when you have missed a lesson and/or work with MagyarOK A1+ on your own.

Answer keys:

The answer keys to the exercises of the text book as well as the exercise book can be downloaded below. This makes MagyarOK A1+ suitable for self-study and saves valuable time in the Hungarian lesson as you can check your homework individually, without your teacher's help.

  • Answer key to the text book: [ pdf ]
  • Answer key to the exercise book: [ pdf ]
  • Answer key to the MagyarOK A1 kompakt book: [ pdf ]

Glossary by chapter:

The glossaries present the vocabulary of MagyarOK A1+ organised by chapter. Glossaries by chapter are available in English, German, Italian (in one document), in (Brasilian) Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, French, Polish and Rumanian (in separate documents).
The alphabetically organised glossary for the entire workbook and exercise book is available in English and German (in one document), in Czech, in Spanish, in Japanese, in Serbian, in French and in Brasilian Portuguese (in separate documents).

Useful expressions:

This booklet presents an expanded version of the section Useful expressions and sentences (Hasznos kifejezések és mondatok) from your text book.

Online practice

Practise online with LearningApps.

This homepage offers practice material to the first five chapters. The exercises were created by Tímea Baumann.

Learning checklist:

This document lists the topics covered in the MagyarOK A1+ textbook. Next to each entry, you will find the relevant page and exercise numbers to help you with vocabulary review.

Difficult words in context:

This booklet presents words whose meaning is largely determined by context. The list is based on MagyarOK A1+ as a corpus; the words are presented in sentences taken from the textbook. Most of the time, all sentences of the book containing the word in question are included so that their meaning and use can be observed and deduced from a relatively large number of examples. The words are listed in alphabetic order.


These documents may come in handy for learners in self-study setting. If you are learning the language without a teacher you need careful planning. You will find help here. Please note that the time is an estimation only and you will probably need more time for homework, online exercises, and working with the videos. But hey, the way is the goal!

How to form new words:

This booklet shows the use of endings (affixes) to form new words in Hungarian. The vocabulary is based on MagyarOK A1+.

Hungarian words may sometimes look scary: they seem to have no beginning and no end. Learning the function of the most common affixes will help you identify the building blocks of many words.

You can use this booklet throughout your Level 1 course for vocabulary expansion.

Grammar booklet:

This booklet presents a systematic overview of the Hungarian grammar covered in MagyarOK A1+.

- The topics are organized by part of speech (verbs, pronouns etc.).
- Tables help visualize the grammar topic in question.
- Rules and tendencies are explained in as simple English as possible.
- Important general rules are presented in green boxes.

You can use this booklet throughout your Level 1 course or for grammar review before taking the next level.