Welcome !
MagyarOK is a new series of languages books for Hungarian with additional materials, all freely dowloadable from this website.

The four volumes of the series will take you from the complete beginner level (A1) to the B2 (upper intermediate) of the Common European Framework for Languages. Each volume covers the topics and requirements of one level. The study material is communication-centered and offers a sound knowledge of the Hungarian grammar.

What do our books and online materials look like?

On our website you will also find:
  • All audio recordings for the textbook and the exercise book.
  • The answer key for all the exercises in the textbook and the exercise book.
  • Grammar explanations in other languages.
  • Glossaries to the vocabulary of the textbook and the exercise book.
  • And many other additional study materials.

With the help of all these materials you can set out to learn Hungarian on your own or in a group.

What makes this series of books different?

  1. Besides being highly communication-centred (for language is all about communication and exchange of information), it gives you plenty of opportunities for listening, reading and writing.
  2. The books propose a fairly rapid progression always focusing on real needs. Useful vocabulary and grammar stand in the foreground.
  3. Well-structured chapters and grammar overviews help you build up a steady knowledge of the Hungarian language and enable you to immediately apply it to everyday life's situations.
  4. Internet-based activities encourage you to search the Web for information in Hungarian right from the beginning.
  5. The study material integrates activities around intercultural exchange where you can use the Hungarian language to tell about your culture or find out more about others'.
  6. Language learning with this book is fun! :-)