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MagyarOK is a series of languages books for Hungarian. We also offer a number of supplementary materials, all freely dowloadable from this website.

Elements of the study material

    The four volumes take you from beginner level (A1) to B2 (upper intermediate) level of the Common European Framework for Languages. Each volume covers the topics and requirements of one proficiency level.
    The material is corpus-informed (we took a lot of time to study native speakers' language use), model-based (you receive various models as to how you can express something) communication-centered (you will speak a lot) ensuring stable progression and sound knowledge of Hungarian grammar and vocabulary.

  • Course book and workbook – they are the basis. Everything else is built on them. Click here to order them.
  • Instructions, useful sentences, glossaries translated, answer keys (select level, then click on Supplementary materials)
  • The teacher's handbook, worksheets and tests (select level, then Teachers)
  • More than 12 hours of audio recordings to the books in the Audio section (select level, then click on Audio).
  • About 70 videos for the A1, A2 and B1 levels (select levels, then click on Video). Or watch them on YouTube: Magyarul beszélni menő.
  • Digital materials (select level, click Supplementary materials then Digital materials). Or click here.
  • Digital flashcards on Memrise with the words and useful expressions of the A1 and A2 books.
  • The entire MagyarOK corpus is available on Sketch Engine. You can find a lot of examples with a selected word or expression in the corpus of the MagyarOK materials. You can search in the entire material or by level and chapter.
  • You can also order posters here to help you with language learning.
What do our books and online materials look like?